"I'll see you on registration night! Sounds like it will be another great season!  The boys are excited about the season. You do a great job."

"Thanks! I will drop off the registration form in your mailbox tonight. He has already started practicing his wrestling moves on his sister. Haha!"

"We had so much fun wrestling with you this year! We never would have imagined how into it the coaches get. It was a great season!"

"Hi Mike, We have had a chance to talk with our son about joining the team and he is excited!"


"You really teach kids how to loves the sport of wrestling"


"We were involved in another junior wrestling program but the lady manager there was really mean. I'm glad we found PR Elite!"

"My family is new to the district and the wrestling information was passed on to us by my friend. We heard really good things about your program. I was writing to see if there are any spots still available for wrestling?"

"Hi Mike - the boys were wrestling this evening in the middle of Thanksgiving Dinner! You created monsters! Lol."

"He loved wrestling practice last week....he had so much fun. Father/Son Night? Great Idea!"

"So, I'm at a party right now with a litter of kids present. The boys are trying with the rest of the kids to walk across the room on their hands. Nice work, coach...Really though, you run a great program. The strength and conditioning portion of the program is good for wrestling and any other sport kids are involved with.  Good stuff..."

"L**** was so nervous about joining the team. I read to him that he won the practice "Beast Mode" award  last nite! Much needed boost of confidence for him. Thx!!"

"Michael - I wanted to thank you for taking this on. It is perfect for someone like our son who is still feeling his way through the wrestling thing. He enjoyed himself last night."

"Thank you! He had a great time! You run a great room! Thnx again."

"Today is the first day of school our son has missed in 6 years due to the stomach flu, he can't make practice tonight. He really enjoys your Training.  He said it is harder than 3 nights at the club and the time flys. Thanks for all you do!"

"E*** is having a blast. Thank You!"

"A***** had a lot of fun and said he learned a lot (sit out hip heist etc)  Thanks again."

"Love how you make this fun for the kids!"


"You have developed such a great program! Thank you for your dedication to the sport and the kids."

"Mike - There had never been any doubt that I made the right decision.  I am just glad I connected with you as opposed to the other program last year.  There has to be at least a little fun mixed in for kids that age to remain interested.  You have a good team of coaches working with you, to boot... -J"

"We were discussing your backflip at dinner last night. Do you practice that?! It's awesome!"

"Thanks for being such a great coach to our kids. Saturday was a great experience for them. J***** won't be at practice bc we are away for the holidays. We will be back in January. We will be sure to get those burpees done!"

"PR Elite, all of your coaches are amazing. You all work so well together. Your talents and dedication to the kids show on and off the mat."


"That was the best youth sports banquet we've ever been too. Wrestlers on ice! You guys really go all out for the kids."


We're proud to sponser your wrestling team.  You have a great reputation and great bunch of kids.  Keep up the great work."

"Greatest Value at Pine-Richland. You really should charge more."


"Thank you again for all you do for the boys.  You are great at teaching and inspiring them."

"As a former youth wrestler myself, I wish I would have had you as a coach back in the day...I would have stuck with it."


"Because of your program he has gained confidence and is learning respect."


"The key to winning is participation, Mike Ferraro deserves all the credit; he really knows how to get the kids involved." - Pine Creek Journal